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  • OG Bundle

    OG Bundle includes our 100% organic compost and liquid soil builder all in one package. Save by buying together. Our Compost is made from fruit and vegetables, and does not include any manures. 100% Plant Based products.

  • OG Liquid (Compost Tea) – 1 Gallon

    OG Liquid is a Natural and Organic root, blossom, and soil builder. Our special, micro-brewed formula incorporates pure fruit and vegetable juice and other high test organic ingredients that offer a full range of nutrients. Our brew improves nutrient uptake and increases yields with special microbial communities living in the liquid itself. A healthy soil means bigger buds and more fragrant flowers. Plantonium’s OG Liquid is ideal for all flowering and fruiting plants and it's safe enough to use every time you water. You'll enjoy healthy, vigorous flowers and dramatically improved fruit and vegetable flavors. Best of all, OG Liquid will intensify flower fragrance and it will increase essential oil production, which means stronger flavors in herbs, fruits and vegetables.