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The Plantonium Project

Plantonium is EcoloCap Solutions soil-amendment brand. The brand represents the final step in our organics recycling mission. In order to close the loop in our sustainable economic model people need to utilize our high quality organic soil-amendment for growing plants. This site allows anyone to purchase our products that is produced at one of our Bio-ART facilities. Test out our OG product line and give us feedback on how its performing.  

The Organics Recycling Process: How are OG products created?
  • Collect Fruit and Vegetables
    We collect food waste from grocery stores, that were going to the landfill, and divert that resource stream into our Bio-ART system in Chicago
  • Bio-ART
    Bio-ART stands for Biological Aerobic Remediation Technology. We take raw food waste and convert it into a liquid and dry fertilizer product that is 100% plant based and organic.
  • OG Products
    Bio-ART produced products will be branded under the OG  product name. Check out OG Liquid!


See what others have to say about Plantonium Products.

After using Plantonium’s organic compost tea, I was extremely impressed by the improvement in growth on my plants. Highly recommended for any gardener!

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Laura M. Manhattan, New York

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